For more details, please see the full announcement here. FAQs are below.


What is the start date?
We expect the candidate to start working with us around July 2021. Terms in Austria start October 1.

I do not have a Masters degree yet (but am working towards one). Can I apply?
Yes! Note that we expect the candidate to start around July 2021.

I do not have a Masters degree (and am not working towards one). Can I apply?
Please reach out to Dr. Lee with a brief description of your background and a copy of your CV. This is usually the situation for US candidates, so please reach out with questions. In general, it will be important to demonstrate research experience.

I'm already in a PhD program but am interested in collaborations with CSH. Can I apply?
Yes. Please make clear how the student's research program will align with CSH and Dr. Lee's work for the duration of the sojourn to CSH.

What is a "short" CV?
Besides the usual information about educational and professional backgrounds, we are asking that you highlight your proudest accomplishments instead of long list. One to two pages is ideal. Additional details about particular items of note is well appreciated.

Why is the position part-time?
This is usually the case in the EU. Please look at the advertised salary.

I do not have an example of an independent research project on collective behavior.
We are happy to consider any previous example of independent research: it does not have to be on collective behavior. However, we strongly suggest that you include at least one example.

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