Eddie Lee, Social physics

I am a scientist at the intersection of physics and society--using physical models, ideas, and intuitions to look for general principles in human behavior. I've worked on voting in the US Supreme Court and Congress, conflict in a society of pigtailed macaques, and mean-field theory for dislocation avalanches.

My current projects include sychronization of motion in tango dancing, political voting, and conflict in society. I am now a graduate student in Physics and Information Science at Cornell University working with Professor Itai Cohen on the synchronization of human motion like in dance. I graduated from Princeton University in 2012 with an A. B. in Physics and a Certificate in Biophysics. Previously, I was at the Center for Complexity & Collective Computation and in the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics in the Biophysics Theory Group.

More details

My CV is available here.

You can contact me at edl56@cornell.edu.

One of my main, non-science activities is break dance which I started in Fall of 2015. I am part of Absolute Zero, the breakdancing crew at Cornell. I'm also a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy, drinking tea, and writing.